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Very funny.

Jay, I've always been a big fan of your works. I haven't signed up for the MILE-HIGH club yet on your website but I think that this cartoon has really changed my mind. It is hillarious. I love Kegel and Argus, they're incredible characters. Everything about your animation is top notch, from humour to the technicality of it. You've got real talent. Keep popping these out, you've got my support!! Oh yeah, and how did Kegel and Argus get to space???
Also, there should be a place where we can read how the whole "THE MOST AMAZING STORY EVER TOLD" comes together. It's fun to see top flash animation sites come together and just make something that's as fun for the creators as it is for the viewers.

Once again, great job.

jato responds:

thanks ant!

y'know -- everybody gives me zeros for interactivity, but that nav bar and refer a friend form are actually quite interactive! ;-)

i'm glad you like kegel and the series. lots more on the way -- in fact, there are two in the hopper (as they say).

maybe down the road, the whole how-they-got-in-space thing will get it's own episode, but for now -- assume that... they... built a ship? AND a time machine to travel into the future? the possibilities are endless.

actually -- the whole "making of" thing may one day just happen. in fact, in the "member's" version, i do an audio commentary (click on the little white cross in the nav of the member's version). it talks a little about the behind the scenes of my episode.

but mike (from goonland) has saved all of the emails between joe, kevin, myself, ty, bob, mike, crispin, and tom and threatens to release them on a dvd with all our eps one day. and then we'll all be up sh*t creek...